Private Chef Service

Private Chef Service in Toronto

W e are masters of the kitchen for all types of Indian foods in Toronto. Our chefs Johnee and Karthik take pride in filling your special occasion with great tasting food on your plate. We cater for all foodies who like to eat outside the box at an affordable price. Our chefs are called to be one of the masters of the kitchen in Toronto because of his special culinary skills and great tasting food that redefines service. He is passionate about filling every occasion with great food and services. A private chef service is not only time-bound but also cost-bound.

W e are one of the best and affordable catering services in Toronto. We create an amazing experience for all the food lovers to eat well and spend less on the best foods, which we serve directly from the pan. Our food is always hot, delicious and served on time. We make you speak with the scrumptious taste and explosion of flavor. We are the authentic Indian flavored catering services in Toronto. We bet, you won’t find a better service than Johnee's Toronto Catering service. We know the ABC of foods with authentic Indian flavors for your very special events and parties to make it extraordinary and remarkable.