Whatever your occasion, be it a special occasion, a wedding, a big birthday, or just that evening with family and friends you’ve been meaning to do for months, we are there for you. Our private catering service takes into account all the factors that you consider when planning your party. That means: the budget (big or small), the size, the setting, and what you want to achieve with your special get-together. We are happy to bring our ideas to your home and put a face to our business. For large events, we would also love to arrange a tasting and a site visit to go over the plan of action.

Our chefs take pride in experiencing you with the best tastes of Indian foods at an affordable price in Toronto

Johnee's Catering is one of the most perfect and famous catering services where all the Indian tasteful creations begin.We cater to your Special events with high privileged foods and make your Elegant Occasions a Memorable Event with the best of Toronto’s Indian cuisine which will amaze and provide you with the best foodie experience for all.Our experience in the catering industry says it well.